Ride to the Sun (first double century in old money)

Back in 2015, I rode the inaugural Ride to the Sun with a mate. This ride is an overnight trip from Carlisle to Cramond in Edinburgh, the aim being to arrive for sunrise at around 3:45am. This was a great ride, the antithesis of sportive riding – something which has never appealed to me.

In 2016, I was unable to attend, so wanted to do it again in 2017. Unfortunately its popularity had exploded, so it was impossible to get bike spaces on the train. This left me with two options – Brompton on the train, or attempt the double. 

I’d always wanted to attempt a double century but never got around to it. Some pretty long days on the Highland Trail, including a 24hr stint to finish, convinced me that I could ride many hours, and given that I could knock out a century in around 7hrs I figured the double was achievable.

I started writing a trip report but realised it was actually really boring words about a road ride. 

In short, I finished, 220 miles all in, and met Rich and Tom at the end. I didn’t take any pictures, couldn’t stay long at the rave due to midges. Well-fed, didn’t feel tired, could ride further in future. The end.


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