Time to rationalise the bike collection. I’ve still got a Stooge, albeit the Ti, and have sold the fat bike. This was to make way for another ‘bike for life’, and this time I’m pretty sure I won’t get another hardtail for a while.

The name Martha came from Dr Who, because the new bike is a Jones Spaceframe. 

It’s as short, if not shorter than the mk1 Stooge, comfy over long distances and stiff yet flexible. Very little lateral flex, but with vertical compliance like a short travel full suspension bike. I’m undecided on the Rohloff for now but will give it some miles over the next few months and see how it copes.

I really like bikes that you can throw around, with quick steering and tight handling. Hands are kept well back from the axle, so it feels very comfy to ride over anything. Once again, suspension not required…


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