Another day, another Stooge…

I don’t have to work in London anymore, which means I get to live at home and commute via the hills. My fitness has been generally shocking though, nine months of minimal riding has destroyed it. Only one thing for it – singlespeed!!

I sold my old El Mariachi, and immediately regretting not having a singlespeed in the fleet, I bought a steel Stooge again. This one is powdercoated battleship grey, so it’s one of a kind…

Gearing is 32:19, a 2.2″ Nobby Nic on a Crest at the rear, with either the same up front (not shown) or a 52mm Stans Hugo which is currently sporting a Chronicle in this picture. It’s tough going, and I am only ever really riding it flat out (or walking), but I am already feeling the benefits. My legs have returned to being sore all the time, which means they’re getting a good workout – I think! Time will tell as to whether I can get fit again, but this is a start…


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