HTR550 2015 attempt epilogue

I woke on the morning of the 5th day to a good breakfast. It wasn’t enough, I still felt rubbish. I had realised I had three options: 

  1. Carry on the race – no chance!
  2. Wait in Ullapool for the postbus – I don’t think there’s a day’s worth of things to do there!
  3. Ride out to the nearest train station

The third option won, so I started on the road to Garve. I met Steve Large on the road, he’d had an enforced day in Ullapool after a mechanical. He soon shot off into the distance, and I carried on the road out to Garve. A massive burger at the great roadside cafe and on the train home.

I had time to think about this year’s attempt. Nothing went spectacularly wrong, just my ability to refuel. I think I pushed too far each day, slowly chipping away at the reserves. However, I know now I’ve got it in me to push those sorts of distances so I just need some consistency and I’ll be set for my future challenges.


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