The fat bike

New bike time a few days ago. After a friend mentioned he was selling a Salsa Mukluk I first started to think about a fat bike, mainly as a means of exploring the boggy trails in the West Pentlands.

When that friend saw common sense and decided to keep his Mukluk, I realised the itch needed scratched and a fat bike would be next. My first choice was the Trek Farley 6 but they all sold out, and so I started looking at alternatives.

Enter the Rocky Mountain Blizzard Deore:


It’s an incredibly stiff bike, my years on steel having been kind to me. However the tyres soak up anything and the amount of grip is astonishing. I took it out this week and it just doesn’t lose traction on the steep stuff. Even descending off camber hills on the edge of the tyres is fine, as the edge of a fat tyre is about as wide as a normal MTB tyre!

Lance was wrong – it is all about the bike…


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